Tuesday, November 6, 2012

No facilities for PwD at Coimbatore railway station

Coimbatore railway station. Photo credit: Dr Satendra Singh

COIMBATORE, INDIA: It’s hell for the old, invalid, and persons with disabilities to travel through Coimbatore railway station, in the absence of escalators and lifts. Steep stairs stare at those who wish to board a train or leave after alighting from a train, which has been earmarked to be turned into a model railway station for some time.

A lift meant for transporting heavy parcels to the platforms was the only facility for persons with disabilities and elderly people to access the platforms. It’s been non-functional for several months now.

Take the case of Jose N Verghese, a resident of Venkatapuram in Coimbatore, who recently had to take the help of railway officials to lift his father in law, who is paralyzed, to access one of the six platforms at the station. “I frequent Ernakulam with my family quite often. Whenever I have to travel with my father-in-law, we have utilized the lift to carry him to the platform. I expected the lift to be working and I asked other family members to proceed towards the platforms. However only reaching the spot I found the lift closed,” he said. He wonders how the railways could be so callous about the situation and do nothing for the so many months.

M Muthusamy, a disabled person and his wife Rathinam, both residents of Veerapandi in Tirupur, have been visiting Coimbatore Medical College and Hospital for the last two years and find the absence of escalators a pain. “I was disabled after falling down at a construction site. Now I am a heart patient as well. Every month we visit CMCH and each time we are forced to take either stairs or the way on the western side, to reach the platform as climbing the stairs is difficult. However, it is too dangerous to cross the way from the western side as trains keep moving, Rathinam said.

L Velmurughan, member of Tamil Nadu Handicapped Federation Charitable Trust, said the association has raised the difficulties faced by persons with disabilities several times with the railway authorities. There is no separate counter for them, there is no toilet facility and no accessibility to reach the platforms, he said. “More than the disability, it is the lack of concern by the government authorities towards persons with disabilities that hurts the most. This makes them further disabled,” he said.

Sujatha Jayaraj, divisional railway manager, Salem division, said very soon a lift for persons with disabilities would be set up at the railway station. Tenders for the purpose would be floated soon, she said.

Jayaraj said there are two lifts used for the parcel service. One of the lifts would be removed and a lift for the convenience of the aged and persons with disabilities would be constructed soon. The proposal has been already approved, she added.

Source: The Times of India, GAATES

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  1. My Son, Abhishek (Male,28 yrs) a PwD also faced the problem of inaccessibility at Bankura (Adra Division, South Eastern Railway) Railway station as he was wheelchair born and could not access to get out from the train at platform no.1 to board a car outside the railway station. I lodged a complaint to the Station Master and got the acknowledgement of the complaint from the Sr.Divisional Commercial Manager, Adra Division. Also an RTI has been lodged to the PIO, Adra. I want to give the document but this part has no option to attach any document. Thanks and regards.