Monday, September 3, 2012

One of the very few accessible temples in India

India is a land of temples. There are million temples for devotees. However, the situation is pathetic when it comes to the rights of disabled devotees. Though I am not a religious person but inaccessible temples further restrict me to even have a chance visit. I did my specialization from Rohtak medical college. There is a Sai temple in the outskirts on the Delhi-Rohtak road. The temple is the perhaps only one where I feel happy in visiting. Reason-It's accessible to PwD's.

I shifted to UCMS, Delhi in 2008. This year in the scorching heat of June, I got an invitation from the medical college to take few guest lectures. Since I was on summer vacation, I agreed. I took my family as well to meet some old friends there. Driving down in my modified Alto, my wife requested me not to forget to stop and pay visit at Sai temple.I happily agreed. I was in for some more surprise when I saw more improvement in the accessibility standards of the Sai temple.

There was wheelchairs at the entrance now. The 2-steps earlier at the entrance were converted into ramp and white gratings. The single side step was sloped so that wheelchair users can go in the garden as well. Railings were fitted on the ramps which were earlier lacking. Here are the evidences for one of the very few accessible temples in India- Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Kharawar, Rohtak, Haryana (All Photos: Dr Satendra Singh).

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