Tuesday, September 18, 2012

International Conference on Disability, Equality and Accessibility in Bangalore

INDIACSR, India’s largest CSR Network in partnership with Choice International (UK), is organizing an international conference themed “Disability Equality and Accessibility – India in Bangalore on December 2012.

The conference aims to recognize the achievements in Disability Equality in India, whilst analyzing the challenges our country now face. The prime aim is to help incorporating effective Disability Equality practices and barrier free design in all infrastructure developed within corporate, public and voluntary sectors.

The conference will address and analyse disability inequality and barriers to access in India, barrier free infrastructure and designs for inclusive accessibility, disability rights and resources for promoting disability equality, voluntary sector’s contribution to disability equality, Corporate Social Responsibility and its role in achieving disability equality in India etc.

“INDIACSR and Choice International (UK) are bringing together national and international resources to provide an environment for innovation and creativity, through which we aim to initiate change in Disability Equality and Accessibility in India,” said Rusen Kumar, Director, INDIACSR, India’s Largest CSR Network.

“India is growing in many aspects, fast becoming a global player with great potential to develop and influence other countries. There are many changes taking place in relation to Disability Equality in India and around the world; anti-discriminative legislations, ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled people (UNCRPD), CSR initiatives, Disability Equality Practices and many more. “ added Rusen Kumar.

 “Imagine a world where people with disabilities and people without disabilities have equal life opportunities; access to mainstream education, employment and career development opportunities, a world where people with disabilities are able to freely access buildings, transport and other services.  This is what we aim for!” said Manoj Soma Sundaram, CEO at Choice International (UK).

“India is making rapid progress in addressing disability equality, over 50% of people with disabilities remain illiterate compared to 35% of the general population. The deep inequalities experienced by disabled people are further exacerbated when combined with existing axes of social difference, such as gender and social status. This shows the greater need for change in attitudes towards, and awareness of disability equality and accessibility.” added “Manoj Soma Sundaram.

Disability Conference-2012 will explore disability equality within Indian businesses and services to gain an understanding of disability equality relating to accessibility, perception of disability and disability legislation in India.

This forum will also create an opportunity for participants to meet and network, share skills, knowledge and experience in Disability Equality and promote the concept of a barrier-free environment in their respective fields. This conference is aimed at people with disabilities and people without disabilities including people from Corporate, SME and othe organizations, government officials, representatives within education, health, transport and other relevant departments; architects, engineers, equality activists, DPOs and NGOs, and anyone else with an interest in disability equality and barrier free designs in India.


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