Saturday, December 10, 2016

Everything you want to know about rights of drivers with disability

Ability On Wheels... Enabling Drivability (First Edition, 2016) Paperback – 2016

"Ability on Wheels," penned by Harish Kumar, is an attempt to answer all the questions which come to the mind of any person with disability when he dreams of buying a vehicle & driving on his own. This book also provides insights on safe driving, which are applicable to all & hence even people without disabilities can read this book & learn a lot of things about driving which they may have been ignorant of.

Who is Harish Kumar? A Holder of two National Records in Limca Book of Records, Harish was born with an absence of right arm below the elbow. He did his schooling from a reputed school in Dehradun & went on to do his Masters in Science from IIT Roorkee & Masters in Technology from IIT Delhi. In 2012 he became the first physically challenged person in the country to successfully complete a Solo All India Driving Expedition thereby creating a new National Record in Limca Book of Records.
Harish Kumar, editor and Dr Satendra Singh
What is "Ability on Wheels"? ABILITY ON WHEELS is an effort to encourage the people with disabilities to take a big leap towards leading a normal life by providing mobility & accessibility services & solutions. As a first step towards this direction Ability on Wheels has launched a first of its kind in the country driving school exclusively for the differently abled using customized cars in Ahmedabad. This is the first book penned by Harish as an effort to spread awareness & provide useful information on disability & driving. 

"Enabling Driveability" is everything you always wanted to know about disability & driving. In line with 'nothing about us, without 'us', 6 individuals with disabilities have pen down their experiences to make it a complete encyclopedia on driving and disability in Indian context.

Harish Kumar begins with 'Can I drive?' where he writes about disability assessment with regards to driving. Kavita Modi writes about invalid carriage (IVC) in chapter 2 -'What can I drive?' Pallav Pathak mentions driving strategies in chapter 3 - 'How can I drive?' Jaspal Singh talks about driving license in chapter 4 - 'Let me drive'. Navin Gulia mentions about Governmental benefits in chapter 5 - 'My best drive'. Issues facing these benefits are covered in chapter 6 written by me 'A worthy drive'. Finally there is a chapter on the ideal scenario as 'Dream Drive'. The foreword has been written by Advocate Subhash Chandra Vashishth. I request people to forward this valuable info in the Ability on Wheels Book to all the needy. One can buy the book from here.

The above picture is that of my modified Baleno along with the 'Ability on Wheel' book as a constant companion. To buy this car, I had to fight a lengthy battle which is covered in Chapter six and its outcome was amendment of Central Guidelines for availing excise duty concession. The details are available here.

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