Friday, September 30, 2016

UN Asia-Pacific video contest

This year, United Nations Day on 24 October will be celebrated across Asia-Pacific with a video contest on how the region is working towards implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To support the campaign, UN has urged the participation in sharing your favorite SDG theme and why you think it is important for the region. The 7 themes are: Education 2030, Sustainable societies, Resource efficient growth, Poverty eradication & inclusion, Disaster risk reduction, Gender equality and Better data.

To participate in the contest:

1. Go out to a popular landmark or unique place in your country
2. Record a 20-second video about your favorite SDG theme. Try to be creative – sing, dance, perform a sketch or simply tell us why you chose that theme.
3. Upload the video on YouTube and share it on social media by 30 SEPT 2016. Use the hashtags #UN4U #AsiaPacific in your video description

A selection of videos will be compiled into our UN Day montage and screened around the region. Winning entries will also be awarded prizes up to USD $350.


Here is my entry for this campaign. I have chosen the SDG theme of Disaster-inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction (DiDRR). It is also in line with the theme '#LiveToTell' of International Day for Disaster Reduction on 13th October.

#UN4U #AsiaPacific #DiDRR #SDGs #Disability
#IDDR2016 #Envision2030 #LiveToTell #Switch2Sendai

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