Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Delhi Metro continues to be disabled unfriendly

Today's Indian Express reports my yet another nightmare with Delhi Metro Earlier, I faced problems at Kashmere Gate where broken wheelchair was provided to me. The Hindu covered it here. DMRC wrote to me that they have rectified the wheelchairs at above station and assured that it won't happen again.

False assurances! Here's the evidence not at one but two different metro stations.

Whatever the DMRC officials says, the helpers carrying wheelchair users are not at all trained. On the above wheelchair (without footrest), the helper rushed me the moment I sat without realising that my feets are being dragged.

Moreover, they usually carry the wheelchair users to ladies compartment. On a lighter note, everybody likes being surrounded by beautiful faces but on a serious note, it was hugely embarrassing for a male to be in a coach reserved for ladies. Someone who did not see my polio limb said, "OMG! what is he doing here?". Someone whispered, 'he is disabled' and there was a pindrop silence.

This was clear cut exclusion and not at all inclusion. Why cant DMRC officials reserve this coach for elderly and disabled and earmarked the last one for ladies? This coach because it's attached to the driver who informs the helper at next stop.

These things will continue to happen till DMRC involve people with disabilities in customer surveys or policy changes. Also, disabled commuters must raise there voice at each and every act of discrimination. 

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