Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Demand for barrier free hospitals/medical institutions

NEW DELHI: The office of the chief commissioner for persons with disabilities has asked Medical Council of India (MCI) to issue directions for barrier-free access of disabled people at all colleges and hospitals. It has also asked MCI to inform the court about the action taken within 30 days of getting the letter. 

The letter took note of a representation by Dr Satendra Singh, coordinator, enabling unit of Equal Opportunity Cell, University College of Medical Sciences, DU. It mentioned that it in January last year, a letter was written to the chief secretary, Delhi government, to take concrete and time-bound steps for enforcing accessibility standards and guidelines with utmost strictness, making budgetary provisions in each department for the purpose of providing barrier-free access to persons with disabilities, and undertake access audit and implementing recommendations of the access audit reports.

Source: Demand for barrier free buildings, TOI 26 Feb 2013

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