Wednesday, December 5, 2012

IDPD: the struggle continues

So, it's finally over. International Day of Persons with Disabilities came and went. None of the TV channels highlighted the theme for this year-“Removing barriers to create an inclusive and accessible society for all.’ We are the world’s largest minority and rightly we remained invisible this year too.

Sharing with the readers, my little effort where my RTI expose/interview got published in various print/electronic media on 3rd and 4th December.

We need to continue this fight. Let’s join hands.
Happy to be alive

nothing is impossible for disabled doctor Satendra Singh

The Times of India, 3 Dec 2012 - Few ATMs disabled-friendly

Times of India: few ATMs disabled friendly

Hindustan Times,  3 Dec 2012- Access denied: Delhi not for disabled

Millennium Post: Protest against GTB Hospital

Millennium Post,  4 Dec 2012 - Black armband silent protest against GTB Hospital

The Asian Age, 3 Dec 2012 - 33% of students with learning disability are gifted
The Asian Age article on disability myths

Cross The Hurdle Magazine - TravelAbility: Inaccessible Sim's Park

Dr Satendra Singh's black armband protest

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