Sunday, October 14, 2012

Keeping You Abreast; Breast Cancer Awareness Handbook

Living with a disability does not make a female immune to the risk of breast cancer. On the contrary, studies have shown that there are higher rates of death related to breast cancer among women with a disability, even when diagnosed at the same stage as women without a disability.
Having regular mammograms can lower the risk of dying from breast cancer.But DO NOT think that breast cancer is a death sentence. Rather it is a wake up call. It makes you aware of the fact that how fragile life can be. But at the same time do not forget that that there are no shortcuts with breast cancer.It is high time that you should become aware of the things that you have to do in order to survive. You have to be your own advocate. With the help of this handbook learn how examine yourself. THIS IS YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR LIFE.
Unfortunately, till now, there has been no accessible information for the breast cancer prevention, breast cancer self examination and breast cancer awareness in our country for the women with disabilities.
I am glad to announce that this is for the first time such information has been compiled here in our country. Cross the Hurdles has prepared a Handbook for the women with disabilities and their care providers so that their breast health is properly taken care of. It is available in both Hindi and English for the reader's convenience.
This information is available in accessible format in the form of E-Book uploaded on website. You can read it online or Download it easily.
For further information write to:
Abha Khetarpal, 
President,Cross the Hurdles

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